Condominium Inspections

The condominium inspections of Building 1 have been completed, and we want to thank all residents of building 1 for your cooperation during this process. These periodic inspections of each unit are necessary in order to identify issues and potential issues that could negatively affect us all. The inspections are a proactive effort to detect problems that residents may not be aware of and remedy any issues before they impact the condominium owners or their neighbors. Basically, the inspections involve checking for:

Leaks – Faucets, drains and toilets are checked for any leaks, corrosion or loose fittings. Often leaks are not overtly visible so discovering any leaks before they become a more serious problem potentially saves on repair costs, water usage and insurance premiums.

Smoke Detectors – This is the perfect opportunity to check that smoke detectors are operational. If you have a new 9 volt battery, we would be happy to install it for you.

Windows and Sliders – Windows and sliders are checked for proper functionality, including secure weather stripping and quiet operation.

Patio/Balcony – Patios and balconies are checked for general condition and any needed repairs to railings, ceilings, plexiglass panels, and utility doors. All patios should be neat and free of storage in accordance with the R&Rs.

Carpeting – The R&Rs specify that 75% of the floor area must be covered with carpeting. This is for noise control in consideration of neighboring units.

Again, thanks for everyone’s cooperation during the inspection process. The inspections will continue with building 2 and then building 3. We are happy to answer any of your questions and offer assistance in remedying any issues that are detected.