Front Stairway Repairs

The front steps at the main entrances of buildings 1 and 2 will be replaced starting on Monday, April 28. The last two winters have been very tough on the existing steps causing deterioration of the joint mortar, chipping on the bluestone steps and in some areas cracking around the base of the iron railings.

Rather than repairing the existing bluestone step system and risking the same kind of damage next year, the stairs will be replaced with 2″X 12″ granite steps similar to the newer steps on building 3. New brick risers that match the building veneer will also be installed. This granite step system has been a much better solution for building 3. The system is very durable and blends nicely with the exterior style.

The installation will begin at the 1206 Greendale Ave. entrance of building 2. Notification will be sent out in advance explaining when the work will take place and when the particular stairways will be closed. You will need to use the closest side entrance of the building while the construction is taking place.

Thank you for your patience during this construction.